Working with senior leaders on their #leadershipstyle and how they take up their role as leaders, I’m often faced with the dilemma of how far to go with my observations and insights. Similarly when I’m working with senior #leadershipteams, I need to determine what level of observation and challenge will make a difference. What will prompt the leader or the team to think differently, to choose to behave differently?

It’s risky business. Not everyone wants to hear an alternative or challenging view!

Whether you’re a #coach, #facilitator, #leader or #team member, often the desire to be liked or thought of positively can be seductive leading one to keep quiet or temper one’s views. The real opportunity of course, is to interrupt the pattern, to make a difference and to create a positive shift for the business. This takes courage.

It takes courage to name the pattern of behaviour you observe, to name the approach and the impact that approach has on the team or the business.

But to do otherwise is to collude with the leader to keep things just as they are, to collude with the team to keep things just as they are.

My experience is that those who truly want to improve performance want to see that courage in their teams, colleagues, leaders and most definitely from their coach.