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Chris worked with our Director team over 18 months. Her style is refreshing, encouraging and honest. She pushed us outside our comfort zone in a kind yet firm way! Chris helped us to identify behaviours that might be holding us back and encouraged us to step into our leadership positions with confidence and empathy. We continue to reap the benefits of the work we did with Chris. I highly recommend her approach to complex leadership challenges.

Sarah Slattery, CEO


I not only survived, I thrived, because of Chris Power’s work. Chris and I worked on the ‘what comes next’ piece with me and helped me to clarify my reason for being.

I admire enormously Chris’ ability to nail the most important issues, her vast experience, her empathy and that she is a good human. I would recommend Chris without hesitation.

Kate Palmer, Advisor + Fmr CEO
Australian Sports Commission


Chris is an excellent facilitator with a pragmatic and engaging approach. She has a great ability to cut through the conversation to the heart of the matter, determine a clear path forward and move on.

Chris uses simple but effective models to ground discussions in the areas of culture and values to achieve practical actions and solutions.

Andy Penn, Fmr CEO


The Board strategy session led by Chris was recognised as one of the most productive strategic sessions held and the outcomes were focused and provide a strong framework for the future direction.

As Chief Executive, working with Chris was an absolute pleasure.

Her ability to understand the brief and translate it into a practical session plan that delivered significant and demonstrable outcomes was second to none.

Nicholas Burt, CEO


Chris designed and facilitated an incredibility successful series of sessions with the Directors and a one day workshop with the whole office that focused and energized our whole team. Chris’ well-structured processes gave everyone confidence but more importantly her infectious energy brought out
the best in us all, encouraging genuine opportunities
for everyone to be heard and for unpredictable and innovative ideas to be explored. We will continue to
work with Chris to unlock imaginations and make ‘the shift’ we are looking for.

Eloise Atkinson, Director
Deicke Richards


Chris is a deeply insightful coach impacting energy and motivation on a personal and team level. She has a powerful ability to hold and guide team energy and focus leading to improved performance. Her no-nonsense approach to coaching and challenging individuals and teams clearly unlocks potential for great performance and inspires people to be better leaders.

Rob De Wet, Fmr Manager Relationship Contracting Group
John Holland Pty Ltd


Our executive and wider leadership teams needed a fresh perspective to break through some intransigent obstacles and Chris’s innovative approaches and steely challenges to soft solutions enabled us to break through and begin addressing the fundamental issues.

Dr Tom Richardson, Chief Executive


Chris’ down to earth and very capable workshop facilitation skills were specifically tailored to the needs of our diverse leadership team.

Her extensive commercial experience, pragmatism and professional approach coupled with her ability to challenge our thinking and facilitate the hard discussions ensured great outcomes.

Michael Thomas, Fmr Group General Manager
AgriServices, PGG Wrightson Limited, New Zealand


In what I can only describe as a rebuilding process, Chris was able to dismantle my management practices and investigate with me the reasons behind some routine behaviours that needed reviewing and changing.

Chris has an incredible ability to relate to people and to ask the ‘hard’ questions in a professional manner that also shows that she is totally engaged with the individual and wants a positive and productive outcome from her coaching.

SP, Senior Manager



Chris’ ability to facilitate and lead a diverse and strong minded group of senior leaders was terrific.

She utilised a range of techniques to bring the group together as a team, to develop strong outcomes.

Andrew Baxter, Fmr Managing Director
Ogilvy Australia


Chris skilfully navigated the workshop, altering her approach and pace to match the conversations and energy of the group. I have also seen Chris work extremely effectively with very senior leadership teams and she develops a relaxed and intimate environment within which teams have can have those ‘hard conversations’.

Bronwyn Clere, Executive Director


Our challenge was to bring together a new Executive Leadership Team made up from two quite culturally different organisations. I appreciated Chris’ pragmatic approach and willingness not to shy away from the hard issues nor tolerate behaviours which were inconsistent with our agreed vision, mission and values.

Jon McCormick, President and Managing Director
Brookfield Johnson Controls


Chris has been a vital player in the strategic development of ANZ Group Property; helping us harness the positive energy of the leadership team and motivate the wider team through our annual global workshops.

Chris’ expert advice in Change Management and her on-going understanding of the team’s core objectives and direction, have enabled us to continue to build our effectiveness and mature our strategies to the benefit of the Bank.

Kate Langan, Group General Manager Property
ANZ Bank


Chris worked with one of my teams at a very critical and challenging juncture. She approached this work with great sensitivity and real expertise, based on a wealth of experience. I was extremely impressed with her careful yet agile approach that recognised the complexity and sensitivity of the situation. Her insights and mentorship provided the clarity and direction to start a process of improvement that was much appreciated by the team and myself. I have no hesitation in recommending Chris as a consultant with genuine strengths in assessing, understanding and improving workplace challenges.
We are in a better place thanks to the important work she has done with us.

Prof Brett Sutton, Victorian Chief Health Officer
Department of Health and Human Services, Vic

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