Sometimes as leaders (and coaches!) we know we have big challenges ahead, we’re under pressure and there’s just no space or time to focus on ourselves or our work. We’ve all been there and it’s precisely these times when we need STOP and refocus on our role.

The leaders I work with repeat this question regularly:

What’s required of me NOW in this role?

And remember, when we talk about role it might be your role as parent, partner, family member as well as leader.

And right now, I’m going to add:

And what support do I need?

This year I’ve spent time and money putting in place the support I need this year:

  • a coach/mentor – to help me focus on growing mybusiness and knowing my worth.
  • an assistant – so I can focus on my clients, not admin.
  • complementary health practitioners  – to help keep me healthy for the year (untilI completely took my eye off the ball!).
  • supervisor/psychologist – to ensure I have head and heart space to do the work I do.

Take a moment to refocus on what’s required of you and what you want to make happen in 2024 and the support you need.