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Talk to us about how we work with clients to improve the effectiveness of their workplace by improving the quality of leadership, unlocking the potential of teams, and steering the path to stepchange in safety performance.

Power Leaders

We work with leaders to uncover the patterns of behaviour and habits of thinking that may be needed to take on that new role, or may be preventing them from being the leader they aspire to be.

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Power teams

We diagnose what’s needed for your team to be successful now and in the future. We then work with the team to unlock, create or resolve, and pave the way forward.

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Power Boards

With the role of Boards coming under greater scrutiny, never before has there been a more important time for Boards to review their effectiveness and consciously define their approach.

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What People Say About Us

Chris is an excellent facilitator with a pragmatic and engaging approach. She has a great ability to cut through the conversation to the heart of the matter, determine a clear path forward and move on. Chris uses simple but effective models to ground discussions in the areas of culture and values to achieve practical actions and solutions.”

Andy Penn

CEO, Telstra

As a change agent, Warren is a very astute leadership coach, focusing on the end game through conceptual application and a high-level understanding of how business systems, people and culture must all come together for successful change within large corporations.”

Mohammed (Mo) Ibrahim

Safety Leadership Program Mgmt, Australia Post

Chris approached the work with great sensitivity and real expertise, based on a wealth of experience. I was extremely impressed with her careful yet agile approach that recognised the complexity and sensitivity of the situation. Chris has genuine strengths in assessing, understanding and improving workplace challenges and we are in a better place thanks to the important work she has done with us.

Dr Brett Sutton

Chief Health Officer, Department of Health and Human Services, Vic

Warren is fantastic to work with and has exceptional expertise in safety leadership. He is an enthusiastic facilitator who can bring a diverse group of people to work towards a common goal. Being a skilled educator, Warren ensured the team was well equipped to translate knowledge and insights to practical application.”

Viktor Santesson

Strategy & Innovation Leader, Aurizon


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