I’ve been calling myself a Team Unlocker for a year now. It came out of a conversation with a reality TV expert (no I was never contemplating a stint on reality TV!!) about sticky words. These are the words that people remember about you. What I was looking for was a way of describing how I work with teams to improve their performance and that sometimes this involves uncovering what might be holding the team back. Now while it might sound a bit corny, ‘Chris Power, Team Unlocker’ seemed to fit the bill!

Not surprisingly, the first step in unlocking the team is to discover where the team is at in relation to the key attributes of a high performing team. You can do this step yourself or you can bring in someone to help you. Skip this step and chances are you’ll end up delivering or investing in a piece of work that is not going to make a difference. You could find yourself working on the wrong things, costing the team in time, effort and morale.

Now while it’s sometimes difficult to diagnose and unlock the team from within, it is worthwhile doing your own Discovery. Discover how you could improve team performance.

Key Discovery questions you can ask:

  1. Vision and Purpose – is everyone clear what the organisation is here for and what that means for what we deliver and how we get it done?
  2. Does everyone know what specifically they are here to deliver? Do their roles reflect this? Are they actually delivering?
  3. Are we clear about the culture that will best support us to deliver? Do we have an agreed set of values or core beliefs that guide how we work, do we know what they look like in action and do they support us in creating the desired culture?
  4. What’s the level of trust between team members? Do people trust each other to do what they say they will, trust that real conversations will be had, trust that confidences will be kept?
  5. How well do team members collaborate? Do they work together for the greater good or are they purely focussed on their own outputs at the cost of their colleagues deliverables?
  6. Do team members feel they’re being developed? Are they taking charge of their own personal and professional development?
  7. How innovative are we? Are there clear examples of progressive thinking within the team? Is it in pockets or team wide?

Not sure how to go about doing this discovery? Worked through the list and have a few “no” or “not sure” or “not great’ answers? Then it’s probably time to do something about it.

If you need some help working out what the next steps might be, which area to tackle first and how, please get in touch.